Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    improvement of in flated chalking soils    M.Sc.    Khabiri Noghani, Hamid    0000-00-00
2    A review on the behavioral mechanism of the Masged-e-Soleyman rockfill dam            0000-00-00
3    Numerical Evaluation of Hydraulic Fracturing Phenomenon in the clay core of the Esferayen Earth Dam            0000-00-00
4    Flow Analysis in Jointed Rock Underground Power Cavern by Distinct Element Method and Finite Element Method and Study of the Efficiency of Grouting Curtain for Dam Stabilization    M.Sc.    damghani, mahdis    2014-03-02
5    study on the control of surface settlement caused by utility cut    M.Sc.    ziaei, nikoo    2014-05-05
6    Seismic Analysis of Soil-Structure Interaction for High Rise Building Adjacent to Deep Excavation    M.Sc.    Yeganeh, Navid    2014-05-05
7    Numerical and experimental study of moisture content effect on analysis and design of supported Excavation with Anchorage method in cohesive soil of mashhad due to groundwater flactuations    M.Sc.    gorjestani, kian    2014-05-06
8    Optimal Design of Horizontal Drains in Upstream Face of Embankment Dams based on Slope Stability under Rapid Drawdown Condition    M.Sc.    charbgoo, mohamad reza    2015-01-20
9    determination of the plastic concrete mix design used in Dams cut-off wall by Neural Network approach    M.Sc.    Majd, Mehrdad    2015-01-26
10    Investigation of creep behavior of GFRP soil-nail systems and comparison with steel    Ph.D    Hamedmirjafari, Behrooz    2015-03-16
11    Reducing Pressure and Settlement behind integral bridge abutment using geocell and rubber    Ph.D    zadehmohamad, mehdi    2015-04-20
12    Internal erosion and hydraulic fracturing in an inclined clay core earth dam located in narrow valleys- case study: Bidwaz dam    M.Sc.    ekrami fard, amin    2015-05-09
13    Experimental study of the deformability, collapse deformation and short-term creep behavior of rockfill material    M.Sc.    hokmabadi, mostafa    2015-06-01
14    Investigation of Hydromechanical and Dynamic Behavior of the Tailings Dam (Case study: The Sungun Tailings Dam)    M.Sc.    Naeini, Mahdi    2015-06-01
15    Development of an Elasto-Plastic constitutive model for plastic concrete and assessing its performance to simulate the interaction of cut-off wall and foundation in embankment dams    M.Sc.    mehmandoost kotlar, masoud    2015-06-01
16    Evaluation Of Filter Criterions For Granular Soils By No Erosion Filter Test (Case Study Of Bar And Bidwaz Dams)    M.Sc.    Raeisosadat, Seyed Alireza    2015-07-06
17    Numerical Investigation of Liquefaction Induced Settlements and Instability on Embankments and Earth Dams (Case Study)    M.Sc.    FATA, HAMIDREZA    2015-07-06
18    Numerical modelling of earth dam break considering faliure developement in the dam body using BREACH model    M.Sc.    Kiani, Reza    2015-09-16
19    Research on earth-fill dams failure factors and core mechanical characteristic due to fluctuations in water level and severe long-time drought (Case study : Doosty dam)    Ph.D    TALEBOLELM, AFSHIN    2015-09-21
20    Seismic Analysis of the Soil-Pile-Structure Interaction for Combined System of The Retaning structure and Main Structure in Deep Excavation    M.Sc.    Najafi Nesheli, Mohammad Reza    2015-11-23
21    Effect of Liquefaction on Subway Underground Stations    M.Sc.    pirnia, mohammad    2016-03-14
22    Numerical Modeling of Unsaturated Soils Three Phase Behavior Using Barcelona Elastoplastic Model    M.Sc.    fani, kamran    2016-03-14
23    Analysis of Oil Contamination Propagation in Unsaturated Soils    M.Sc.    komeily, arash    2016-06-25
24    Evaluation of performance of an hardening/softening elasto-plastic constitutive model for Asphaltic concrete under static and syclic loading    M.Sc.    eslamian, ashkan    2016-09-19
25    Effect of constitutive model of soil in numerical modelling of pressuremeter test and assessing its performanace in analysis of an excavation system    M.Sc.    alkinani, ahmed    2016-09-19
26    Evaluation of static interaction between the tunnel and surface structures (Case Study: Mashhad Urban Railway line 2 and Shohada Sq)    M.Sc.    zahmatkesh, hossein    2016-09-19
27    Time-dependent behavior (creep) in foundation of a high rockfill dam (Case study: Masjed-e-Soleyman dam)    M.Sc.    mohammad ali nia, ehsan    2016-10-10
28    Bearing Capacity of Ring Founation under Combined Vertical, Horizental and moment Loading    Ph.D    sadeghifazel, amirhushang    2016-11-09
29    Effect of vertical drains on stability and settlements of an embankment dam during construction on saturated soft clay (case study: sombar dam)    M.Sc.    ALALI, AMEER    2017-02-13
30    Effect of liquefied soil in the foundation on the seismic behavior of a structure    M.Sc.    Zarif, Omid    2017-02-13
31    Numerical Study Of Liquefaction In Tailings Dams (Case Study: Sungun Copper Mine Tailings Dam)    M.Sc.    naseh, faezeh    2017-02-13
32    Effect of near-field and far-field earthquake on the structures considering soil-structure interaction    M.Sc.    Golafshani, Said Sajjad    2017-02-13
33    Zoning of Geotechnical Characteristics of the soil in the Bojnoord city    M.Sc.    mohammadi, hamid    2017-05-29
34    Experimental and Numerical study on Shear Behavior of Mashhad Silty Sand    M.Sc.    Rasouli Tabar, Tahma    2017-10-09
35    Effect of structure on consolidation behavior of mashhad clay    M.Sc.    Aryan, Ali    2017-10-09
36    Effect of oil pollution flowl on unsaturated soil    M.Sc.    khodabakhshian, zahra    2017-10-16
37    Exprimental Studing of Improvment of Oil Contaminated Soils With MICP Method    Ph.D    Bolouri, Mohammad Taghi    2017-10-31
38    An Experimental Investigation on Saturation Collapse of AlNajaf Gypsum Sand    M.Sc.    AlMAHMODI, RUSUL    2017-11-12
39    Behavior Investigation of Unsaturated Gypsum Sand Soils in Najaf City    Ph.D    Abdalhusein, Mustafa    2018-01-10
40    Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Municipal Landfill Leachate Propagation in Unsaturated soils    M.Sc.    Soleimanian, Narges    2018-02-26
41    Study on the contaminant transportation in saturated /unsaturated soils in Iraqi landfills    M.Sc.    Ghanim, Huda Amer Ghanim    2018-03-12
42    Seismic Analysis of the Soil-Pile-Structure Interaction for Combined System of The Retaining structure and Main Structure in Top-Down excavation method    M.Sc.    Mohammadyar, Mohammad Amin    2018-09-22
43    Study the behavior of the Earth Dams built in Narrow Valleys (A Case Study of Dahane Dara Dam in Afghanistan)    M.Sc.    Akbarian, Zolfaqar    2019-02-11